As a certified collector of trivia – or what my husband calls “useless knowledge” - I thought it would be fun to have a trivia quiz associated with my web site. I have started with a list of questions that can be expanded occasionally to include new releases. Since I’m well aware that readers are far better collectors of trivia than even the writers who dream up the stories, I would love to have your suggestions for future questions. Write to Dana’s e-mail with your suggestions. Have fun with the questions and check your accuracy with the link below.


In what real-life city does the Life series take place?

a. Grand Rapids, Michigan.
b. Milford, Michigan.
c. Grand Blanc, Michigan.
d. Mitford, Michigan.


The Life series revolves around the lives and loves of members of which local church?

a. Grace Community Church test.
b. First Presbyterian Church.
c. Hickory Ridge Community Church.
d. Pine Lake Baptist Church.


Which real-life community park is mentioned in A Blessed Life, An Honest Life and A New Life?

a. River Bend Park.
b. Milford Park.
c. Central Park.
d. Camp Dearborn.


Which character is central to the love stories in the first three books from the Life series, but he has yet to fill the loneliness in his own heart?

a. Andrew Westin.
b. Reverend Bob Woods.
c. Brett Lancaster.
d. Dr. Blake Warner.


Until what series of life-changing events in A Blessed Life does Serena Jacobs believe she leads a “charmed life”?

a. Her daughter becomes ill and her husband leaves her for another woman.
b. She loses her job and must move to Milford for work.
c. She leaves her husband and moves to Milford.
d. Her daughter becomes ill and she loses her job and insurance.


From what condition does young Tessa Jacobs suffer in A Blessed Life?

a. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.
b. Lupus.
c. Reye’s Syndrome.
d. Juvenile Diabetes.


In A Blessed Life, which man of God fails to return Charity Sims’s affections?

a. Rick McKinley.
b. Reverend Bob Woods.
c. Todd McBride.
d. Andrew Westin.


In An Honest Life, who is the unlikely man of God who steals Charity’s heart?

a. Rick McKinley.
b. Reverend Bob Woods.
c. Todd McBride.
d. Andrew Westin.


How does Serena Jacobs meet Andrew Westin in A Blessed Life?

a. Andrew sees Serena across the lawn at the church picnic.
b. Serena crashes into Andrew’s car.
c. Andrew discovers Serena is his new boss.
d. Serena seeks counseling from one of the church’s ministers.


Name Rusty and Tricia Williams’s three children first introduced in An Honest Life.

a. Rusty Jr., Lani and Josh.
b. Rusty Jr., Kelly and Max.
c. Rusty Jr., Lani and Max.
d. Rusty Jr., Kelly and Josh.


Name Serena Jacobs’s neighbor in A Blessed Life who later becomes an active member of her church in An Honest Life.

a. Jenny Lancaster-Porter.
b. Mary Nelson.
c. Shelley Myers.
d. Diana Lidstrom.


What is the lie that Charity Sims is living in An Honest Life?

a. Charity’s late father is really alive and well in Indiana.
b. Charity is only pretending to have true faith in God.
c. She isn’t married because she hasn’t found a partner as godly as she is.
d. All of the above.


Who does Serena suspect is the father of teen mother Hannah Woods’s child in A Blessed Life?

a. Rick McKinley.
b. Brett Lancaster.
c. Todd McBride.
d. Andrew Westin.


Why does Rick dislike Charity so intensely when he first meets her in An Honest Life?

a. She criticizes his choice of music on the Family Life Center work site.
b. Rick immediately dislikes all people who go to church.
c. Charity reminds of him of the hypocrites in the churches of his youth that led him to avoid organized religion.
d. Both a and c.


In An Honest Life, what is the ultimate humiliation Charity must face at her job as an OB nurse at West Oakland Regional Hospital?

a. She discovers at work she is pregnant out of wedlock.
b. Charity must work with Dr. Blake Warner after her friends inform him she is interested in him.
c. She has to help deliver the baby of the woman Andrew married when she thinks it should have been her.
d. Charity oversleeps and misses the first half of her shift on evaluation day.


Who makes her first appearance in An Honest Life and then relocates to the area in A New Life as a constant reminder of the lie that Laura Sims told?

a. Dr. Kristen Walker.
b. Shelley Myers.
c. Charlene Lowe.
d. Julia Sims.


What “important thing” does widow Tricia have to do in A New Life that is her excuse for canceling her blind date with Brett Lancaster?

a. She needs to take Max to the doctor.
b. She has a church board meeting.
c. She has to take her children bowling.
d. She has to pull an extra shift at Kroger’s.


What memory comes back to haunt Tricia in A New Life after Rusty’s death in a construction accident?

a. Tricia didn’t kiss him goodbye that last morning before he went to work.
b. She once told him, “One of these days you’re going to get yourself killed, and then I’ll never forgive you”.
c. Tricia didn’t tell him she loved him often enough.
d. She never had the chance to tell him she was sorry for their last argument.


What is the one thing Tricia doesn’t know about Brett in A New Life that makes him unacceptable as someone to date?

a. He’s a convicted felon.
b. Her parents wouldn’t approve of him.
c. They disagree on politics.
d. He’s a cop.


What is Tricia’s secret in A New Life that convinces Brett that she can’t accept him for who he truly is?

a. Tricia constantly listens to the police scanner for news of injured officers.
b. She is still in love with her late husband and can’t open her heart to him.
c. Tricia tries to convince Brett to take a job with his father’s automobile dealership.
d. She is unable to say the words back to him when Brett tells her he loves her.


What does Brett feel as though he must prove to Tricia in A New Life?

a. He won’t lie to her the way other men have.
b. He’s a better match for her than the other Christian men she has been set up with.
c. Brett will be a good father to her children.
d. She can’t compare him to her risk-taking late husband.


Name Brett’s best friend and fellow Michigan state trooper in A New Life.

a. Bob Newlin.
b. Joe 'Dont-Call-Me-Joey' Rosetti.
c. Seth 'The Rock' Westin.
d. Brendan Hicks.


Why is Brett so ashamed of his brother, Kyle Lancaster, in A New Life?

a. Brett is a police officer, and his brother is in prison.
b. Kyle gave into their father’s pressure and entered the family business.
c. Kyle became involved with Brett’s former fiancée, Claire.
d. Kyle is an attorney defending the criminals that Brett arrests.


What made the live nativity performance in “Child in a Manger” – novella in A Family for Christmas – unusual?

a. The “donkey” was actually a Shetland pony.
b. The plastic doll in the manger turns out to be a real baby.
c. This ceremony comes complete with ambulance sirens.
d. All of the above.


Who does Allison Hensley convince to portray Joseph in the Destiny, Indiana’s live nativity?

a. Her brother Mark Hensley.
b. Allison’s best friend David Wright.
c. Her ex-boyfriend Wil Stevens.
d. Cox County Sheriff’s Deputy Brock Chandler.


Why does Allison believe she has no chance to ever be married and have children of her own?

a. Allison is unable to have children.
b. She is scarred by an earlier breakup with Wil Stevens.
c. Allison is slightly overweight and has always been someone that men chose for a friend rather than girlfriend.
d. She has already passed her peak fertility years.


As she is discovered just days before Christmas, what do hospital officials immediately begin calling Baby Doe?

a. Merry Christine.
b. Holly.
c. Joy.
d. Noel.


Why does Deputy Brock Chandler take Baby Doe’s abandonment so personally?

a. Brock sees the desertion as a reminder of how untrustworthy women are.
b. Brock’s own mother deserted him as did his former love, Robin.
c. Neither a nor b.
d. Both a and b.


At which roadside inn do Brock and Allison find evidence regarding Baby Doe?

a. Destiny Inn.
b. Clear View Motel.
c. Destiny Motel.
d. Main Street Inn.


What is the baby’s real name before Brock and Allison change her middle name to “Joy”?

a. Christina Marie.
b. Merry Christine.
c. Catherine Grace.
d. Elizabeth Ann.


In On the Doorstep, what is the big secret that Pilar Estes feels she can tell no one, not even her best friends?

a. She is pregnant with Jonah Fraser’s child.
b. Pilar might have polycystic ovarian disease, and she might never be able to have children.
c. She is responsible for the fire that destroyed files at Tiny Blessings Adoption Agency.
d. Pilar doesn’t really like children, and yet she’s working in an adoption agency.


In what fictional city does the Tiny Blessings continuity series, for which On the Doorstep is Book 3, take place?

a. Chestnut Grove, Virginia.
b. Destiny, Indiana.
c. Destiny, Virginia.
d. Chestnut Grove, Indiana.


Is Pilar correct in believing that Zach Fletcher never noticed her while they attended Chestnut Grove Community Church together the last few years?

a. Yes, she’s right. Zach was too busy working in his new position as detective to allow any woman to be a distraction.
b. No, she’s wrong. He noticed her, but he didn’t find her particularly attractive.
c. Yes, she’s right. Zach was far too busy noticing Anne Smith down the pew to pay any attention to Pilar.
d. No, she’s wrong. He did notice Pilar with her perfect beauty and her perfect family and decided there was too much perfection there for them every to be friends.


Which local community members have brunch together every Sunday at the Starlight Diner?

a. Jared Kierney, Eli Cavanaugh, Zach Fletcher, Caleb Williams, Ben Cavanaugh and Ross Van Zandt.
b. Sandra Lange, Miranda Jones, Pilar Estes, Meg Talbot Kierney, Rachel Noble and Anne Smith.
c. Pilar Estes, Meg Talbot Kierney, Rachel Noble and Anne Smith.
d. Mayor Gerald Morrow, Reverend John Fraser and Florence Villi.


What happened in Zach Fletcher’s past that makes working the abandoned baby case so much more difficult?

a. His girlfriend, Gabriel, once gave up their baby for adoption.
b. Zach’s sister, Jasmine, abandoned her baby, and both ended up dying.
c. He was abandoned by his mother when he was a baby, and he still has been unable to locate his parents.
d. His friend, Erica, abandoned her baby and has never been heard from again.


In “A Season of Hope” in the Christmas in the Air anthology, why doesn’t David Wright want to portray Joseph for a second time in the community live nativity performance?

a. Being friends with Allison is the closest thing he’s done to attending church in years.
b. The first performance was a disaster, and he doesn’t think this one will be any better.
c. Both a and b.
d. Neither a nor b.


Why does Sondra Stevens wonder if her cousin, Allison, doesn’t like her after she meets David?

a. Sondra wonders why her cousin had offered to set her up with someone so awful.
b. Allison seems to prefer her friend, David, to her.
c. David told Sondra stories Allison had said about her.
d. Sondra believes if Allison liked her, she wouldn’t have asked her to portray Mary in the performance.


Which dishes do David and Sondra mess up while making the Chandler Christmas dinner?

a. The cranberry relish, the turkey and the rolls.
b. The apple pie and the turkey.
c. The turkey, the mashed potatoes and the pumpkin pie.
d. The stuffing and the deviled eggs.


Why is Sondra so worried about giving up her dreams for a man?

a. Sondra has already done that once, and she nearly lost her position in human resources with the RV manufacturer.
b. Her mother gave up hers to marry her father, and he left their family.
c. She has a very low self-esteem, and she’s afraid she’ll lose herself completely to an overpowering man.
d. God has warned her about this in a dream.


David and Sondra are where when she confronts him about his belief in God?

a. They are at the hospital awaiting word on Allison’s condition.
b. They are playing on swings at the park with Joy.
c. They are at Hope Park, looking at the Christmas lights displays.
d. They are at New Hope Church on Christmas morning.