“A Season of Hope,” in CHRISTMAS IN THE AIR, with author Irene Brand, Steeple Hill Love Inspired, October 2005, 0-373-87332-8.

David Wright knows it’s a mistake reprising his role of Joseph in the community live nativity performance since the first play had been a disaster. His suspicion is confirmed as his pregnant friend Allison becomes too ill to participate and asks her cousin Sondra Stevens to play Mary in her place. When a resentful David meets the ultra-independent Sondra, the stage is set for a Christmas-holiday competition between friend and cousin over who is the best nursemaid/chef for an ailing Allison. Can the two competitors find a win-win situation where the love they portrayed in the nativity finds a warm place in two hearts? Anything is possible in this season of hope.

“Christmas in the Air is a good 2-in-1 novel, which will get you in the Christmas spirit. Both stories will hold your interest and warm your heart.”   

– reviewer Vickie McDonough

"Corbit...uses a mirthful touch and clever dialogue that makes her short story alone worth the price of the book." 

- The Oakland Press


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ON THE DOORSTEP, Steeple Hill Love Inspired, September 2005, 0-373-87326-3.

When police detective Zach Fletcher receives a call about a baby abandoned at Tiny Blessings Adoption Agency, horrific memories haunt him but still compel him to find answers. His suspicion turns to Pilar Estes, the agency employee who discovered the child and yet is a reluctant witness with secrets of her own. Is the child abandonment case a call for help or just another installment in the series of secrets and lies surrounding the scandal-plagued adoption agency? Can Pilar, who once adored Zach from afar, trust him with the frightening unknowns that are making her question God’s will for the first time? Will they discover the truth and their way to each other before tragedy strikes?

“Dana Corbit’s addition to this series further expands the ongoing plots while adeptly handling Pilar and Zach’s story. The characters’ encounter with God’s forgiveness is touching and meaningful.” 

(Four stars) – Romantic Times


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“Child in a Manger” in A FAMILY FOR CHRISTMAS, with author Irene Brand, Steeple Hill Love Inspired, November 2004, 0-373-87288-7.

A mystery begins in this small town when someone replaces the doll in the live nativity scene with a real baby. Allison Hensley, a social worker who is portraying Mary, has her hands full trying to find a foster home for the baby during the Christmas holidays, but her efforts clash with those of cynical Sheriff’s Deputy Brock Chandler, who has a deserting mother to find, a case to solve. When all of her other options fail, Allison, who longs without hope for a family of her own, takes the infant, nicknamed “Joy,” into her own home and her heart. As they search together for clues in the case, the woman who has forgotten how to dream and the man who never believed he could discover that God might have special plans for them and for this child in a manger.

“Corbit…writes an alluring tale of the sharing and the forgiveness important to our spiritual and corporeal lives.” 

– The Oakland Press

“This is a story I truly enjoyed reading, and it is sure to be a very memorable Christmas story that you will not want to miss.” 

– The Romance Reader’s Connection


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A NEW LIFE, Steeple Hill Love Inspired, October 2004, 0-373-87284-4

Tricia Willams' greatest fear is realized when her husband's reckless nature results in his death. She vows never again to become involved with a risk taker as she faces her future as single parent to three young children. But Tricia never counted on meeting State Trooper Brett Lancaster. Brett, whose scars are as deep as Tricia’s and who shares her broken faith, accepts risk as part of his job but wants Tricia to see the man behind the badge. Will Tricia’s fears keep them apart, or will they discover healing and joy as they build a new life together?

“A New Life is a warm-hearted love story. Its pages are brimming with emotionally satisfying scenes that are fraught with God’s laughter, love and family.” 

– Romance Reviews Today

“Ms. Corbit’s narrative is infused with emotion, realism, faith and hope. Her characters, splendid in their faults, are made better when they open themselves to friendship and love.” 

- The Romance Reader’s Connection

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AN HONEST LIFE, Steeple Hill Love Inspired, December 2003, 0-373-87243-7

An example of purity and biblical devotion in her church, Charity Sims has spent a lifetime preparing for the godly husband God has planned for her. She never expected to meet someone like Rick McKinley, a cantankerous building contractor who disdains organized religion and the showy displays of faith she holds dear. But Charity is living a lie…in more ways than she knows. Can this man who doesn’t darken a church door but has an abiding faith help Charity to reach past the lies and find truth in her heart? Can they build an honest life together?

“An Honest Life is a stirring story of two people desperately in need of the healing power of love. With a delicate touch, Dana Corbit weaves scripture, spiritual teachings and romance into an entrancing tale.” 

– Romance Reviews Today


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A BLESSED LIFE, Steeple Hill Love Inspired, October 2002, 0-373-87195-3.

Serena Jacobs remembers the “charmed” life she led before her world collapsed. But her jaded view is only part of the reason she is wary of the too wonderful youth minister Andrew Westin. Her only focus must be on the care of her chronically ill daughter. Can Andrew’s gentle coaxing help Serena learn to trust again and to release the control she clings to so tightly? And can Serena reach the untouchable place inside Andrew, past his own scars?

“Great beginning and some likeable characters.” 

– Romantic Times


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