Your book and God

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Posted by Stacey on 2017-08-29 10:29:34pm

I recently finished reading a Flower Girl Bride and I've been having some hard times with my faith. I didn't even expect the book to be christian in all honesty but as time went by I was glad. I need God in my life and I've been in a real up and down rollercoaster with him wondering what to do with my life and how to even get his attention. I didn't get all the answers yet and show me the man whose got them, nonetheless I want what Luke and Cassie have, true love and a christian love, I want to be a christian woman who represents Christ. I want a future and more from life rather than a hole that I walk around with. The more is God and reading your book helped me to slowly see that. Thank you..


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  • Your book and God - Stacey - 2017-08-29 10:29:34pm

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