Signed Book Request for Library Raffle

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Posted by Lee Campbell on 2009-03-07 1:50:13pm

Dana, My bookstore (Paperback Palace) and the other local new/used bookstore in town (Trans Allegheny Books), along with the local library are sponsoring an autographed book raffle during Get Caught Reading Month (May) to benefit the summer reading programs. I am writing to ask if you would donate a signed book for that raffle. I would be happy to provide any additional information about the raffle. If you would be willing to donate a book you can send it to:

Lee Campbell
Paperback Palace
515 28th St.
Vienna, WV 26105

Thank you in advance.

Lee Ann Campbell (Owner)
Paperback Palace


Signed Book Request

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  • Signed Book Request for Library Raffle - Lee Campbell - 2009-03-07 1:50:13pm

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