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Posted by Dorothy Guyer on 2009-01-08 8:09:37am

I really enjoy all your books thru Steeple Hill. The latest on I read was Homecoming at Hickory Ridge. What blew me away is I live in Lapeer MI and reading about Thumb Correctional Facility. I work in LRMC ER as registration. I have registered many from Thumb. They are always very polite. Someone asked me if I would want to know what they are in for. I said no because than I cannot treat them any different than anyone else. As a Christian I try to laugh and joke with them as I would you or anyone else. Was pretty cool seeing it listed in your book. Which was excellent by the way. God gives us so many chances. How can we do any less to others. Yes, sometimes that is not easy, but the right thing to do


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  • your books - Dorothy Guyer - 2009-01-08 8:09:37am

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