Yours, others and real life....

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Posted by Susan Davison on 2007-12-02 9:17:02am


I am presently enjoying reading Flower Girl Bride....and have delighted in the fact that, as yet, there are no \'four letter words\', vulgarity and obscenities....and I don\'t anticipate finding any!!! I recently finished Passion\'s Promise by \'America\'s most popular romance novelist\'(?) and was disgusted, again, with the new low reached in language,vulgarity, swearing....etc. Rather than give such dignity via discussion....let me say this.... I have enjoyed, true or fiction....those stories that speak to the finding of the gift and grace of the love and \'presence\' of God in genuine, true and happy relationships that are capable of bearing testimony of faith in and hope for fulfillment in what I believe can be the most beautiful and treasured of human experiences....the shared friendship/respect/companionship/growth/love/union of man and woman in a dedicated relationship that seeks the happiness and fullment of each the grace of God and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

My only prayer for personal happiness/fulfillment through the decades, has love and be loved....a spouse/beloved...children and home adequate for needs. I was abandoned and have been \'alone\' for almost 37 years in Utah, no relatives in state....far better \'alone\' than with someone abusive or who does not truly love. At 67.... \"Cinderella\" still sweeps the hearth and kneels by the dying embers for warmth.....there was no fairy godmother, no handsome Prince....only hope and prayer midst.....three children raised, now grown.....and still the hope and love and be loved....a beloved.....

the meaning of Christmas
be deeper
Its friendship stronger
and its hopes brighter
as it comes to you
this year....\"

\"....for the REAL meaning of the giving of LOVE
each day....\" (from a song)



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  • Yours, others and real life.... - Susan Davison - 2007-12-02 9:17:02am

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