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Posted by Jane Squires on 2007-10-18 9:26:28am

Please enter me in the contest. It would be so great if I could win to use as Christmas gifts. Chirstmas will be a downer for me this year as I made the mistake of allowing ankle fusion thinking I could cope with 8 months of recovery. One cannot prepare for the emotional effects of having to use a wheelchair (due to knee replacement last year on other leg). Then to sit through severe storms alone last night and trying to locate things in a wheelchair - I never felt so helpless in my life.
I pass on books to those at church and give them as gifts too to a few at church. These books have kept my spirits up during the last month\'s recovery. But tomorrow I go to Breast Cancer Center for further testing and already losing my independence from the surgery I am dealing with has left me feeling helpless.
I love your books and have read several of them.
God continue to use you and bless you.



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  • contest - Jane Squires - 2007-10-18 9:26:28am

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