Little Miss Matchmaker

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Posted by Kay Woodouse on 2007-08-28 7:58:05pm

I just finished reading reading LMM, and found on page 138 a comment that I made for 30 years of my first parent meetings. \"I always tell parents that if they\'ll believe only half of what their children tell them after school, I\'ll believe only half of the stories their kids tell me from home.\" My first year of 1956, one of my third grade boys told the class in \"show and tell\" that his dad broke his mother\'s leg last night. At recess when I took Tommy aside he explained that a calf was being born and his mom and dad were pulling on it, and all of a sudden it \"came out and dad fell on mom and broke her leg.\" From that time on until I retired in 1996 I used that example at my first parent meeting. I am sure that most teachers have used similar words...but it was so amazing to read the exact words I had used for so many years. I have read and enjoyed many of your books...and am trying my hand at an Inspirational book about a teacher....maybe some day I, too, will be a published author.
Sincerely, Kay Woodhouse


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