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Posted by dana on 2007-08-24 5:57:10am

Hello, Dana!

Pretty strange to have the same name. I found one when I Googled myself once - a woman who worked as a party organizer at a pizza restaurant. Is that you?

I had always been told to believe that anyone who spelled \"Corbit\" the same was very likely \"kin\" as my grandma would say because the spelling changed after the family reached the U.S. My grandfather\'s family came out of a part of Arkansas called Bald Knob.

As for my books, because the Steeple Hill is part of series publisher Harlequin, the books are on the shelves for only a brief time, but you can order them through any local bookstore just by having them looking up my name. Also, you can try libraries or used bookstores. If you look in October, though, my new book, LITTLE MISS MATCHMAKER, will be released that month and will be available at discount stores like Target, Meijer and Wal-Mart as well as bookstores like Borders or Books-A-Million.

Thanks so much for writing.


Dana L. Corbit


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