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Posted by dana on 2007-07-23 9:48:17am

Dear Nancy,

Thanks so much for writing. Yes, I\'ve lived in Michigan since 1995, first in Milford (where the series is set), then in Grand Rapids and now back in Southeast Michigan. I\'m so sorry to hear you\'ve been struggling physically. May God\'d healing hand be on you. I hope your meeting with your surgeon goes better than you\'d hoped.

No, Flower Girl Bride is not part of the Hickory Ridge series. That only includes: A Blessed Life, An Honest Life, A New Life, A Hickory Ridge Christmas and Homecoming at Hickory Ridge. I\'m writing the Homecoming story right now. It\'s Julia Sims\' story, and it\'s due out in July 2008.
Flower Girl Bride is a fun spunky story written in first-person.

Have a great day.



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