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Posted by Cheryl Brooks on 2007-07-04 10:47:55pm

Dear Dana,
I recently completed your book, \"Flower Girl Bride\". I must say that first I enjoyed the book. I only recently began to read the Love Inspired books. I have had 2 very sad years and I see no end in sight. So, I read and read. My dad died, March 2006, he had been sick for 2 years, I had a heart attack and massive blood clots in Nov 2006 and my younger brother died in Feb 2007. That leaves only Mom and I. I am not able to work and I\'m very depressed by all that has happened, I read in each of the books to pray and pray, I feel that I am not being heard. I wanted to just say how much I enjoyed your book and I hope to see more of your work. Although, I no longer believe in happily ever after. Thanks for the great reading.


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