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Posted by Laticia on 2007-03-25 4:10:41am

:Hi, Dana,
:I attended MMRWA in Portage last Saturday and enjoyed Nancy Gideon\\\'s fast-paced, chock-full presentation of Turtle vs. Hare Careers. I think I have traits of both turtles and hares, which brings up a long-lived self-analytical terror that I might have a split personality! Haha! Anyway, I also attended last month\\\'s Grand Rapids meeting and missed you. Are you planning to attend Gail Gaymer Martin\\\'s Jackson presentation?

HEy Lila...sorry, I\'m working full time in a CPA office and so I\'ve been really busy lately...I an married (scary as that may seem to most of the populaton at IWU) have three kids (one is from my husbands previous marriage -- we were sophomores at IWU when she was born) and as noted above I do work full time -- I tried to come home on a part time basis and found myself so bored that I enrolled in an online university to get my MBA...Is there anyway that Dana could get you my email address? I\'d like to talk to you further... Laticia


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