Hickory Ridge Christmas

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Posted by Val on 2007-03-12 6:33:45pm

I both enjoyed this book and yet \"didn\'t enjoy it\" at the same time! I like the characters - having met them through other books but I found Hannah a little too \"judgemental\" in this book. Usually I \"side with\" the woman when a guy leaves her pregnant and she has to deal with raising that child alone but this time I totally \"sided with\" Todd! The poor guy! For one thing he didn\'t even know about the baby, for another, she knew up front that he was moving to Singapore with his family yet she seems to blame him for abandoning her! He actually tried many times over the years to contact her and she shunned everything. You can understand this a little because she was a teenager and such but she took it to the extreme and I don\'t think a strong Christian teenager would do that. Also, when he comes back, she treats him badly like it\'s \"all his fault\". I liked Hannah in all the other books but this one didn\'t seem in character for her. Sure it would be difficult at first when they met but I don\'t think it would have been the level that you wrote for Hannah. Another thing that bothered me is that I would imagine Todd would have explained everything about his life after leaving Hannah - in Singapore - and how much he missed her, never loved anyone else, etc. He tried, it seemed, but Hannah never let him get the whole thing out. She just carried the \"unable to forgive\" thing too far. It just seemed like she tried to be the tragic heroine through the whole book when she was equally at fault regarding the pregnancy but also WAY move at fault than Todd regarding the current situation between the two of them. It bothered me through the whole book and I was suprised about the level of frustration I had! It\'s only a book but it still bothered me!


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